Friday, 27 November 2009

Stockholm Syndrome

I have just posted this on Jesus Army Watch, in response to Sarah Hughes's assertion that I wanted to control her, which is why she decided to pull out of JAD:

"I didn't want to control you. I wanted to share a
responsibility with you as an equal.

Which means that I took a leap of faith and took you at your word and trusted you. I went out on a limb in what could have been something quite which, far from controlling you, I was undertaking to relinquish control to you, a member of the JA.

Your good will and trustworthiness lasted less than a week.

But at the end of the day, I don't hold you entirely responsible because I know that you are not in control of your own life. Everyone on this site [Jesus Army Watch] knows how hard it is to resist the will of the Elders...and if you are to be able to live in peace with the brethren, you must find a way to suppress your own feelings and accept that you are wrong.

....and then demonstrate your loyalty to the brethren by attacking those whose trust you had previously enjoyed outside the fellowship."