Thursday, 20 December 2007

Wiki JA article - a delicate balance

Here's the version of the article that John, Rumiton and I created and people have already started editing it. I'd hoped that once it was done I could be hands-off but the first edit was from an old friend, Tony, and having to "revert" it (in order to comply with the tag asking for new material to be discussed first) has already caused resentment. I hate being in this role.

From sitting exactly where Tony is now, I know how hurtful it is to be edited and how you can feel "censored" or ganged up on.

I'd like not to keep too tight and jealous a rein on the article, but having carefully negotiated its delicate balance, I am worried that a swing one way or the other (doesn't matter which) could totally destabilise it and leave us back where we were before. The article may be nobody's ideal, but as it stands, from my point of view, it acknowledges the JA's controversial past, and some present controversy and it leaves the reader to decide for themselves about what it may be like now.