Saturday, 28 June 2008

Latest concession frees everyone to contribute to the JA article

John Campbell has now conceded that there is nothing to stop anybody editing the Jesus Army article without first discussing planned changes with other editors and seeking consensus. I am hoping to get John's reassurance that he will not "revert" edits he disapproves of until a period of time has been given to any editor to justify his or her edit.

This is a substantial change. It is more in the spirit of Wikipedia than the process that John, Rumiton and I had to go through to bring stability to the article. A number of people have expressed their disappointment with the article that was produced by this "committe-style" process, and hopefully will be able to bring about changes now which will make the article more representative of the JA many of us know, and which has not yet been reflected in the article.

My thanks to Gramby for comments which kick-started this change of approach.