Saturday, 20 March 2010

The JA Blues

John Campbell (who controls JA public relations) urges people like Daniel Stonell not to post on forums or groups like Jesus Army Dialogue. Older members, who are generally more canny, know better than to do so anyway.

Young members, fringe members or somewhat disaffected members who wish to prove their loyalty to any JAs who may be reading (and who we have known, not infrequently, to go on to split shortly afterwards) will often express their radicalism in terms which are indicrete and therefore make the JA look cult-like, at a time when the JA is anxious to look mainstream.

The purpose of John Everett's site, The JA Blues, is to provide a haven of contact for ex-members, many of whom are very vulnerable (some having left only recently) and must not be intimidated or bullied by people still in the JA, which was why suggestions that they had demons led John to remove Daniel.

I support John in this. I am not a natural censor, but if JAs want to argue or to attack or criticise ex-members (generically, not personally), let them go to Jesus Army Dialogue (if they are brave enough to resist the church's blanket ban on posting there, which is frankly unlikely). The JA Blues is not the place to do it. Alternatively, if they would prefer not to post at a venue over which I have some control (because I am known to be rather persuasive, according to Sarah Hughes, anyway), they can always post at Jesus Army Watch.

John Everett is currently on holiday and has asked me to look after The JA Blues while he is away.